Pedestrian Accidents

Being injured as a pedestrian can lead to extensive and life-changing injuries. In order to understand all of your legal options and how you can get the compensation you deserve, you need to turn to an experienced lawyer.

At DiFilippo, Flaherty & Steinhaus, PLLC, all cases are handled directly by one of our partners. We don't refer our injury cases to other law firms. When you come to our firm following a pedestrian accident, or for assistance with any other problem, we use our extensive trial skills and understanding of the law to resolve your legal issues as efficiently as possible.

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Types Of Pedestrian Accidents

Typical situations involving pedestrian accidents include:

Crosswalks: Many times, pedestrians are crossing the street in a designated crosswalk when they are hit by a car. We can use our well-honed trial skills to help you obtain fair and reasonable compensation in these and other situations involving pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Slip-and-falls: If property owners fail to fix dangerous conditions on their premises and you get hurt as a result, you may be able to recover compensation from them. These cases require an extensive amount of investigation and documentation that must be done as close in time to the injury as possible. Without specific evidence of the dangerous condition, it is nearly impossible to win these cases. You need the assistance of an insightful attorney to ensure that all of the necessary evidence is gathered.

All of our injured clients benefit from our extensive trial preparation techniques. We approach each case as though it will go all the way to trial in an effort to maximize the compensation you receive. This approach has generated numerous seven-figure results for our clients.

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