Firm Overview

At DiFilippo, Flaherty & Steinhaus, PLLC, we aim to be your family lawyer — we want to be the trusted advocate you can turn to no matter what legal matters you and your family face, and to be there with you through all the stages of your life. Our firm is set apart by the comprehensive representation we provide, the experience we possess and the results that we obtain for clients. To schedule a consultation, call 716-652-9600 or fill out our online form.

Assisting With All of Your Legal Needs

One of the hallmarks of our practice is that we are able to assist with all of our clients' legal needs. We serve as a full-service law firm so that you know exactly where to go for honest, straightforward and affordable legal advice.


We are a small law firm with only two attorneys. As such we apply a team approach to draw on our over 50 years of legal experience to obtain the best results possible for our clients. Even with our vast experience, we continue to improve our professional skills through continuing legal education and work hard to remain on the cutting edge of the law.


While the majority of cases do resolve short of a trial, we meticulously prepare all of our cases as though they are going to go to trial. This gives us a greater understanding of the case and shows the other side just how dedicated we are to achieving just results for our clients. This approach has been effective for us in all of our practice areas, and has allowed us to obtain many million-dollar results for our personal injury clients.

Contact Our Firm for Comprehensive Representation

Serving clients in East Aurora and throughout western New York, DiFilippo, Flaherty & Steinhaus, PLLC, strives to serve as the only law firm you will need to visit to take care of all your legal issues. Contact us online or call 716-652-9600 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Buffalo accident law attorneys.